Fire & Life Safety Specialist

Started my career with The Orange County Fire Department in        January 1989 & after 30 years in the Fire Service retired out with full honors. Over my career I received training in many fields of public service, included but not limited to: Hazardous Materials, Commercial Business Inspections, Pyrotechnics, and a various of medical services.

My last 12 years I concentrated on Residential Care Facilities also know as RCF for drug rehab, elderly care, & child care. Spent numerous hours training with the State Fire Marshal both sharpening these tools and assistance in writing some of today’s local codes.

I am well known for my work ethic and being able to come to commonsense solutions for situations that just don’t fit in the Fire Code. I will work with your local fire department and ensure that you get treated fairly during your licensing press. With knowledge comes the ability to move faster in a positive direction to get your business open as quick as possible while making sure that all fire & building codes are adhered to.